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Blog Defender Review

It's always good to find out what the real users of a system have to say about it, so here's what just a few BlogDefender users had to say:

"This is probably one of those times when you ask yourself 'Do I really need this product?' 

Let's Face it, in the surface it's not going to immediately put more money in your pocket or even add some cool new gizmo to your site...

...The truth is Yes, you do and you need Blog Defender now.

I've been in the online business for 10+ years and had my fair share of hacked sites which have cost me time and money (lots of it)... 

I've also seen a good number of people have their reputations and entire businesses left in tatters when their sites have been hacked.

Right now is the time to act, because when it's too late, well basically you'll be screwed (and you'll regret the day you passed over such a great opportunity to protect yourself for so little). 

And by the way, if you think your web host will come to your rescue think again, you'll be on your own, paying to put things right and suffering the cost of lost sales and business.

This is a seriously good product and if you rely on WordPress to make you money online then it's nothing less than essential. 

Buy it, follow Matt's expert advice and don't end up another victim!"

Simon Hodgkinson -

Watch the video here to find out more:  

"I've had to go through the inconvenience of a hacked blog before and let me tell you it's not nice.

With online security becoming an increasing problem, especially with Wordpress this is a great way to secure your blog.

I'll be following Matt's training and securing all my blogs.

Great job."
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